AuGUST 2019 ARTIST: Ricardo G Vargas Colon

Ricardo G Vargas Colon

Born in Cayey, Puerto Rico in . Graduated from High school in 2008 and enlisted in the U.S. Army in 2011. Currently a Drill Sergeant in Ft Jackson,SC

I always had the hand to express myself through art. My inspiration as a young teen comes from the “taboo art” categorized as “Graffiti”. The aggressiveness of graffiti, the colors and it’s lack of rules are just an open window for possibilities. 

Music had a big part in my upbringing as I relate music with art as pure raw creation. Jungle music, Drum and Bass and Jazz & Bossanova are my main choices for my “mantra” while I work. Music also forms part of my inspiration and to fit it to my performance. 

I consider my work a bit apart from others since I don’t use common techniques or specific rules. I don’t distinguish my work under any particular category and use little or no planning most of the time. 

Ricardo's work will remain up (unless sold) until January, 2020 when we will host our next ART UNCORKED event.

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*must be 21+ to participate in the tasting


Next Art uncorked: Thursday, Jan. 16

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