Now Serving Sunday Brunch (and it's amazing)

Our Creative Brunch Background

Cafe 116 – a very popular brunch location in Columbia for over 10 years – was sold in 2019, and the new owners closed down for several months to do renovations. This closing left a hole in the small brunch community; so SakiTumi decided to do a collaboration with the sous chef Alex Salcedo, the bar manager Patrick Fowler, and main server Jimmy Waters to execute our own version of a brunch that would be as creative and popular as the previous one had been. Check out our super creative menu below, for both food and drink concoctions available every Sunday!

Brunch is served 10am-2pm Every Sunday; bar open later

Read our write up in the Free-Times here:

Chew On This: SakiTumi Serves Sunday Brunch!

Sunday brunch: food

Dine in only. no to-go orders for sunday brunch.

Sunday Brunch: Saki brunchtails!

Coffee, take the bench. Alcohol, suit up!